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Services provided:

DUI Evaluation, DUI Risk Education, Level I Adult and Adolescent Outpatient Substance Abuse Services, and Level II Adult and Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Services.  


Hope Behavioral Services Inc. is licensed by the Department of Human Services, Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (SUPR), as a Treatment/Intervention Provider.

Additional Services:

Spanish services for DUI/substance abuse treatment

Partner Abuse Intervention Program (State Protocol Approved)

Anger Management (Will County Protocol Approved)

Secretary of State Denial Response


About the Services:

Hope Behavioral Services Inc. provides quality services with care.  Using evidenced based practices, we partner with clients to assist then with transitioning to a different place.  Respect, non-judgment and commitment are key elements of our services.  We are competitively priced with a sliding scale and we normally have short notice appointments available.  So if you find yourself needing any of these services, contact us; as we are committed to helping people. 

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